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ROMG SHENG ENT. CO., LTD. established in 1986,  as both a professional and leading position in developing the manufacturing and distribution of ESD protecting packaging materials more than 20 years. Our products have been widely adopted by a number of famous manufacturers of
semiconductor and computer , such as ACER, DU PONT, TSMC, UMC , WINBOND,and

Based on the years experience and technique, RSE supplies to the customers a series of complete
and safety static protection packaging materials.RSE products all are meet the standard of
MIL-B-81705 or same other's national require testing.

We believe RSE is your reliable source. For more information, please contact us, RSE is pleasured to service for you .



ADDRESS:No.252, Sec. 1, Meishi Rd., Yangmei Dist., Taoyuan City 326, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Contact:(03)482-3015‧481-6422 FAX:(03)482-4022 
Business: Static shielding bags, Static shielding bags, Conductive bags, Static prevention bags, Antistatic bags, Antistatic bubble sheet &amp; bags, Antistatic/Conductive bubble sheet &amp; bags, Conductive IC foam, Antistatic packaging foam, Antistatic foam sheet, Dissipative table &amp; floor mats, Antistatic wrist strap